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Click here to start looking at Domingo Soto's Homepage. Things that interest him, stories, etc.


Click here if you want to view the Madden and Soto Homepage. You'll find biographies, reported cases, stories, a map to our office, the courthouses, the jail and other parts of downtown, war stories, press clippings, etc.




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I have been to Cuba three times. There are other much better links to Cuba but these are my favorites.



Deconstructing Cuba


Cuba Photo Albums


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Going Out?: Movies, Bars, Beachcams

Family pictures, stories, etc.


Why go all the way to the beach to find out the weather is nasty? This page has some pretty neat stuff on it.


Boating and Fishing Conditions


Dining Out Guide

This is one of the neatest things about the internet. Here, you can actually see what the sea swells are going to be like before going out in a boat. Can you spell Dramamine?


This guide is not as current as we would like it to be. Do some checking on your own. But, at least this gives you some idea.


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